30 Days Wild 21-30

The final 10 days of June have been rather busy for me, but I have managed to complete the #30DaysWild challenge (despite the rain) with some simple acts of wildness.

21. Since receiving a flower-pressing kit for my birthday back in December, I had been waiting to gather some pretty things to press.  I collected some flowers that had been blown to the ground and pressed them! It will be 6-8 weeks before I can see what they look like though.

22. I was given a succulent cutting, so made a bottle terrarium for it.

23. Despite being overcast, it was a lovely day to be outdoors, thus I spent most of the afternoon walking around a lovely area of my hometown.  I took recordings of birds and photographs of plants.

24. Between a busy day at work and spending the evening out for my mother’s birthday, I managed to fit in a lovely act of wildness – I was given a tour of my mother’s garden.  Flowers, herbs and vegetables galore!

25. To brighten up the view out of my kitchen window, I bought and potted a pretty little Goldcrest conifer tree.

26. I had a very productive day of reading and learning all about tracking, locating and surveying Dormice.

27. A clear evening gave me the chance to try out ‘moth-watching’.  I set up my bright light and cover from gloaming until dark, but somehow failed to catch anything at all to study.

28. As mentioned on day 20, I met up with the Hungry for Change coordinator to see the plot and was lucky enough to attend a training session, with Laura from Saffron Acres, about compost and pests.


© the Green & the Wild

29. I spent a while outside in the rain at work, so decided to make it interesting by studying leaves and fruit with my colleagues.

30. After hearing chirping and observing for a while, I discovered a Pigeon nest at work, so simply watched and listened as the mother went in and out.  Unfortunately, it was too high up to see directly in to.


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