Rocket Results

Back at the beginning of June, I blogged about a UK-wide live ‘Rocket Science Experiment‘ which I was lucky enough to do with over 8,500 schools and educational groups.  Everyone received two sets of seeds, one red and one blue – one set had been kept on the ISS in microgravity, whereas the other set had stayed on earth.  Without knowing which set was which, the seeds were grown alongside each other to investigate the impact of microgravity, radiation and space travel on seed germination and growth, to ultimately help form a “clearer picture of the potential for astronauts to grow their own food to sustain them on long-term missions”.

Due to the fact that our blue set took a couple of days longer to germinate and grow seed-leaves, my team guessed that the blue set were those kept in microgravity.

It has now been revealed which Rocket Science seeds went to space…

RHS Campaign for School Gardening


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